Abgoosht a popular highlight of Persian cuisine, is traditionally cooked in a small stone crock pot or a metal cooking pot. The history of abgoosht goes back hundreds of years ago when it was only made with lamb and chickpeas. However, with the introduction of the new world foods into Iranian cookery and the addition of new ingredients such as potatoes and tomatoes, this modest meat and chickpea soup became a more substantial and tastier meal. Preparing food in a clay/stone cookware is one of the ancient methods of cooking where the clay pot is placed over an indirect heat or slow fire for several hours until all ingredients are fully cooked. Dizi is one of the foods that’s usually bought from a dizi specialty store due to its long cooking process and the need for a very hot stove. In today’s modern kitchens, the clay pot is mostly used as a serving dish rather than cookware. This slow-cooked, simple and down-to-earth meal, which is also known as abgousht/abgoosht, satisfies the hunger, nourishes the body and leaves one feeling gratified.